Find Out If Dental Insurance Covers Implants

Find Out if Dental Insurance Covers Implants

Dental implants or artificial tooth root replacement surgeries are usually expensive. Rarely will you come across a policy that includes coverage for dental implants. Usually, dental plans provide coverage on routine dental maintenance, emergency care and basic tooth care. Learn your options in finding a plan that will take care of your dental implants.


1. Check your existing plan and see if it covers dental implants. If you are paying a high premium, you may receive coverage.

2. See if your employer will pay for this benefit when you choose a lower-cost alternative treatment. That would include partials and dentures.

3. Go online and find a policy that will take care of your implants. The chances of finding such policy are minimal, however, as there are always out-of-pocket expenses when considering dental treatments.

4. Make sure you have not maxed out the annual maximum amount allowed by your insurance carrier. If so, you may have to pay entirely from your own pocket. The annual maximum is the upper limit of the total expenses your insurance company will provide every year.

5. Call up an agent and learn your options.

6. Consult a dentist and see if your implants will be covered under your existing policy. If not, seek advice on getting one that will.

7. Ignore the myths. Sometimes, implants can be taken care of by using the reimbursement option on your dental plan. Be sure to use this wisely.

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