Find A Doctor Online

Whether you’re new to an area, need to find a specialist in your town or have simply decided to change physicians, you can find your new doctor by looking online. Thanks to online doctor directories, finding new doctors in your area can take just a few minutes can be accomplished in a few steps.


Find A Doctor Online

1. Visit the WebMD Physician Director Page. The link to the page is at the bottom of this page in “References.”

2. Type in your zip code, or you can search by city and state.

3. Type in the doctor’s last name in the field under the option that asks “Do you know the doctor’s last name?” If you don’t know the doctor’s name and you are just looking for a new physician, you can leave this option blank.

4. Choose one of the options under the “Don’t know the last name? Search by specialist:” field. You will see options such as “Cardiologist” and “Eye Doctor.” If the doctor you want is not listed, click on the drop-down box located under those choices titled “Select Other Kind Of Doctor.” Click on one option from the page or the drop-down box and then click the orange “Find A Doctor” button at the bottom of the page.

5. Look through the doctors who appear. You will see an address and you can click on “View Profile and Phone” to display the doctors information. When you click on that option, you can also choose the “Map and Directions” button to receive directions to their office.

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