Fda & Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a potentially harmful medical procedure of injection for cosmetic purposes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has some authority to regulate the practice.


Mesotherapy is a medical procedure involving injections of various chemicals into the body. It is not scientifically proven and the injections can be many substances, such as vitamins, plant extracts or prescription drugs. The injections are used for cosmetic reasons, such as to dissolve fat or to get rid of cellulite.


The FDA doesn’t have the authority to ban or approve mesotherapy because it is a procedure. The FDA only has authority over material things, such as medical devices and drugs. However, certain drugs have not been approved by the FDA, thus their use in mesotherapy is banned.


There isn’t strong science behind the use of mesotherapy. In 2005, the Center for Disease Control reported outbreaks of allergic reactions to mesotherapy in the Washington, D.C. area. In April, 2010, the FDA reported it sent warning letters to practitioners of mesotherapy that it felt were misleading patients as to the risks and benefits of the procedure.

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