Essential Oils To Help In Stop Smoking

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that affects you mentally and physically. Essential oil mixtures can help you control the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. Using essential oils are a natural way to help relieve irritability, anxiety, stress, fatigue and nervousness, which are characteristics of nicotine withdrawal.


Essential oils positively affect your mood and feelings. Try experimenting with different oils to see which mixture helps to stave off your craving for nicotine. Some of these oils include lavender, sweet marjoram and jojoba oil, which help relieve the effects of nicotine addiction. Rose geranium, cedar wood and frankincense alleviate feelings of nervousness. Keep a bottle of cinnamon, peppermint or nutmeg oil around to inhale when you feel like having a cigarette. You can also try the essential oil of black pepper to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. The oils roman chamomile and ylang ylang help to relieve feelings of agitation.

Relaxation mixture

Mix together five drops rosemary oil, five drops lemon oil, three drops peppermint oil, three drops ylang ylang oil and one drop camphor oil. Diffuse the mixture in an oil burner to promote feelings of relaxation.

Quit smoking mixture

Combine 10 drops massage oil, 10 drops thyme oil, 10 drops ylang ylang oil and 10 drops pine oil and store in a small dropper bottle. You can also rub mixture underneath your nose and inhale deeply when the urge to smoke arises.

Stop smoking

Mix five drops sandalwood oil, five drops orange oil, five drops chamomile oil, five drops eucalyptus oil, 10 drops fennel oil, 10 drops marjoram oil and 10 drops grapefruit oil. Store in a small bottle and dab on a cottonball to deeply inhale the aromas.

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Craving relief

Blend together 10 drops of jojoba oil, five drops pine oil, five drops thyme oil and five drops eucalyptus oil to stave off nicotine cravings. Place a few drops of mixture on a cottonball and inhale deeply.