Essential Oils To Clear The Lymphs

Plant extracts have been used for healing for many years.

The lymph system removes waste from the body and acts as a filtering system for bacteria. It also contains lymphocytes that are part of the immune system. When the body has excess toxins, the lymph system can become overburdened. Essential oils provides a natural way to cleanse the lymph system. Essential oils are extracted from plants, trees and shrubs and are essentially part of their immune system.


A human body has more fluid in the lymph system than it does blood.

The lymph system provides a vital function for the body. It circulates throughout the body and transports oxygen, food and warmth. It also works as a collection place for toxins in the blood. The lymphatic system is not “pumped” throughout the body like blood. Lack of exercise can further make the lymphatic system stagnant and waste is not removed. Excessive toxins can build up. Cleansing the lymph system is important and essential oils can aide in the cleanse.

Oils for Lymph Cleansing

Two oils that are beneficial to the lymph system, according to Arthritis Alternative Treatment, are cedar wood and fennel. Cedar wood is considered soothing and warming. The essential oil is used to decongest the lymph as well as improving overall circulation and unblocking arteries. Fennel cleans the lymph by working to remove fluid that is being retained. Fennel should not be used on children.

Manual Lymph Drainage

By holistic methods such as massage, the lymph system can be “drained” or stimulated to function. Essential oils can be added to a massage oil that enhance the manual lymph drainage. Frankincense, hyssop, grapefruit and lavender help soften scar tissue in the system and enhance circulation in combination with massage.

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Essential Oil Safety

Due to the strength of essential oils, they should not typically be used without diluting them. A few drops of the potent oil should be added to a “carrier” oil, lotion or water (usually a bath). The carrier can be another oil such as sweet almond oil. Essential oils are for external use unless otherwise indicated by a holistic health care practitioner. Do not get the oil in the eyes, nose or mouth. Never use undiluted. Reduce the amount of oil by half for children, people recovering from a condition or the elderly. Do not use when pregnant or if you have blood pressure issues.


The essential oil is applied to the skin and is absorbed by the body. The oil goes into the blood stream and works to cleanse the lymph. Expect to see mucus discharge from places like the nose, throat, eyes, ears and the skin.