Eat Sulfur For Mosquito Repellent

People are increasingly concerned about the potential negative affect of chemical mosquito repellents on the human body. In a search for non-harmful mosquito repellents numerous alternatives have been developed. There is no hard evidence to support the belief that eating sulfur will repel mosquitoes, but it is rumored that military personnel have practiced eating match heads to repel mosquitoes and various ticks. A recipe that is said to have been passed down over the generations as a mosquito repellent includes sulfur and does not use match heads which could potentially contain other harmful chemicals.


1. Thoroughly mix together 2 tsp. sulfur, 1 tsp. of Cream of Tartar and 1 pint of honey in a pint jar. Sulfur can be found over the counter in most pharmacies.

2. Take 1 tsp. of this recipe every day. It will take about two weeks for the repellent to become effective.

3. Continue consuming this recipe throughout the mosquito season. Be certain to thoroughly mix this recipe before consuming it.

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