Dermatitis Home Remedy

Dermatitis Home Remedy

Dermatitis is an annoying skin condition that plagues many people. It falls under a general category that contains a variety of skin irritations like eczema. It is an intensely itchy red rash that causes little bumps. The bumps ooze and crust over and the results can be unsightly. Dermatitis can be caused by different factors. For some, it is an allergic reaction or is caused by an irritant. For others, the condition can start in childhood and be a chronic problem.

Cold Compress

A cold, wet compress will help to ease the itching and burning sensation. You can also use a rag soaked with cold, whole milk. Proteins in the milk will reduce the itching. This will also help to dry out the rash.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is a remedy for all kinds of itching. Just apply a thin layer and let it dry. You can find calamine lotion at any drug store and chances are that you already have some at home.

Allergy Medicine

Taking an allergy medication can also help fight the itch. Products like Benadryl can be taken orally and will reduce swelling and itching for a few hours. Just be careful with these products because they can make you very drowsy.

No Scratching

Just like your mother probably told you, don’t scratch!. Scratching only further irritates the skin. Plus, your hands and fingernails can house lots of germs, opening up the door for infections.


If you suspect that your dermatitis may be caused by an allergic reaction to something in your environment, the best way to get rid of it is to determine the irritant. Many people are allergic to gold, silver or nickel, so if you are wearing any new pieces remove them and see if the rash goes away.


Dermatitis could also be caused by irritating plants. If you’re going to be walking a lot outside, wear boots and long pants.


If your skin is generally sensitive, there are ways to prevent more rashes from occurring. Always wash new clothing and sheets before you use them. Choose natural fabrics like cotton rather than synthetics or irritating wool. Use gentle soap and make sure to moisturize.