Delay Menstruation With Home Remedies

If you can’t delay menstruation, you might be able to induce it early with the use of certain herbs.

There’s nothing more disappointing than realizing your period is due on your wedding day or the week of a fabulous romantic vacation. At one time or another all women have been in the position of wanting to delay menstruation for a few days. There are few home remedies available to delay menstruation, but there are some tricks to try to delay it, so that your wedding day or vacation is period-free.


1. Rid yourself of the notion that you will be able to delay menstruation without the use of birth control pills or other hormonal agents. The truth of the matter is that the only surefire way to delay your period is by keeping your progesterone levels high. During a normal menstrual cycle, bleeding begins when the levels drop. Women on the pill induce this by having a “withdrawal week” in their pill pack.

2. Talk to your doctor at least a week prior to when you expect your period if you plan on delaying it via hormonal means. Progesterone levels begin to drop at least seven days before your period actually begins, so you’ll need to start supplements soon.

3. Determine whether preponing menstruation will solve your problem. Just as postpone means to make something happen later than expected, prepone means to make it happen sooner. In some situations, inducing your period early may be a reasonable compromise. Know, however, that this process should be attempted about two weeks prior to your normal due date in order to give you enough time to finish the flow.

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4. Induce menstruation with the use of herbs. Anecdotally, tea brewed of parsley leaves has induced menstruation in woman. Steep a handful of fresh parsley leaves in a pot of boiled water for about 30 minutes. Strain the tea and drink three to four strong cups throughout the day.

5. Use ginger and yarrow to induce menstruation. It’s not recommended that you try all of these herbal remedies at once, but if one doesn’t seem to work, try something different. Just like with parsley, you’ll need to use fresh herbs, brew a tea and drink it.