Cures For Sick Cats

Your cat should not be allowed to go outside while she is sick.

While curing your cat of an illness or injury will most likely require diagnosis and treatment by a veterinarian, there is much you can do at home to make your cat more comfortable while she is ailing and to speed recovery time during and following treatment. Providing your cat with nutritious foods and offering him treats to ensure he continues eating is an important part of home care for an ailing cat. Warmth, comfort and a quiet place to heal will also be important in the process of getting your cat healthy once again.


Chicken noodle soup isn’t only good for ailing humans. Providing your cat with chicken broth, homemade meals and other treats will help encourage her to eat while she is ailing. Most veterinarians recommend that unless a sick pet is on a restricted diet, such as for pancreatitis or diabetes, he be allowed to eat anything he wants when ill. It’s also important to monitor your cat’s water intake during the illness. In many types of sicknesses common in cats, dehydration is one of the most likely complications.


Cats cannot take many of the types of medications given to dogs and humans to ease pain. However, it has been found that the use of warmth can ease discomfort in felines. If you use a heating pad, ensure that you cover it with at least one layer of towel and that the heating pad is on its lowest setting. Also ensure that your cat has the strength, ability and room to move herself off the heating pad if she gets too warm. A hot-water bottle covered with a towel is also a good option.

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Just as when we’re sick, it’s important for cats to have a few extra comforts when they are ill. Give your cat a soft and comfortable bed where he can rest without being bothered by other pets, children or loud noises such as TV, radio or conversations. However, don’t isolate her so much that she becomes lonely or that you’re unable to monitor her condition routinely. Your cat may not groom herself in the way in which she normally does. It may be necessary that you wash her face and other parts of her body gently once a day, and you may want to brush her, even if you don’t regularly do this.


While your cat is ill he should not be allowed outside for any reason. Children and other pets should not be allowed to bother him while he is convalescing. Everything the cat needs–food, water, bed, toys, treats and his litter box–should be readily available to him indoors. In some instances, depending upon the severity and the duration of your cat’s illness, you may wish to confine him to a large dog crate for his protection. If you do this, consult your veterinarian first, and ensure that the crate contains everything your cat might need.