Cure Vitiligo Naturally

Vitiligo is the appearance of white spots on the body due to a generalized abnormality of the immune system. At this point, there isn’t a cure for vitiligo or a way to halt the process. In terms of treating vitiligo, it is only the removal of the white spots and not the vitiligo itself. Many companies has created natural products for treatment of the white spots associated with vitiligo but not all of them have proved to be effective. However, there are some home remedies and other things that can be done for treatment.


1. Eat celery. Celery contains psoralen and psoralen has been known to increase the skin’s natural reaction to sunlight.

2. Buy psoralen. These natural substances, found in the seeds of the psoralea corylifolia flower, that sensitize the human skin to tanning when in sunlight.

3. Choose the way you want to administer psoralen. There is an oral psoralen therapy that is digested. There is also an oil form that can be put directed on the targeted skin area. A company by the name of Anti-Vitiligo currently makes a form of the topical psoralen therapy that contains a percentage of psoralean corylifolia.

4. Participate in ayurvedic. Ayurvedic is an Indian form of medicine that combines herbal/natural remedies with surgery to treat vitiligo. In the ayurvedic approach to treatment, the digestive track is instantly targeted. It is all about using an alternative approach to treat vitiligo. First, the proper diet is suggested with a strict elimination of salt. The approach is to remove the toxens (ama) and then purifying the body with oils, heat therapy and puragation. Blood is removed during a procedure called venipuncture. Organic herbs are administered and sometimes even leeches are applied to the affected areas. Ayurvedic is a different approach to medicine, but some health care professionals highly recommend it.

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