Cure Tingling Pain In The Foot

Foot pain can arise from a variety of causes ranging from trauma resulting from injuries to neurological problems and something as seemingly innocent as wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly. Foot health care is essential to overall bodily comfort. Nerve pain and tingling pains experienced by many people greatly affects their daily activities, causing down time at work and limiting many activities. Foot pain requires prompt attention by a doctor or health care practitioner. If you suffer from neuropathy, nerve pain and other incapacitating foot pain, there are ways to deal with it.


Cure Tingling Pain in the Foot

1. Check your shoes and make sure they fit properly. Shoes that are too tight, or have heels that are too high, can cramp the toes, cutting circulation and creating foot pain, blisters, bunions and deformities.

2. Uncross legs when sitting. Crossing legs decreased the flow of blood to the feet and can cause foot and nerve pain. Sit with both feet on the floor and if you must cross your legs, do so by placing one ankle on the other knee rather than crossing knee to knee.

3. Change your exercise routine. High-impact exercise in which the foot pounds the pavement in activities such as jogging can contribute to loss of feeling in the feet, decreased circulation, green-stick bone fractures and other injuries, adding to foot pain.

4. Talk to you doctor about your medications and look into side effects. Certain medicines have side effects, causing tingling and burning sensations in the feet and creating foot pain that mimics peripheral neuropathies.

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5. Check your thyroid levels through blood tests. Hypothyroidism creates many bodily symptoms and sensations and can also be the culprit in painful feet and cold feet with pins and needles. If blood levels indicate low thyroid, prescription medicine will help cure foot pain.

More Tips

6. Check for diabetes. Tingling and burning in the feet is one of the symptoms of diabetes. Your doctor will ascertain whether you need to be on medication if you are positive for diabetes. Diabetic foot pain can be treated with insulin and changes in your diet.

7. Rule out diseases such as gout, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and frostbite when looking for causes of tingling in the feet. These diseases all have poor circulation in common and can be helped by improving blood flow through gentle exercise, medication and keeping the feet warm at all times.

8. Wear compression hose or socks to stimulate circulation to the feed and increase blood flow.

9. Keep feet warm and well-protected throughout the year and avoid wearing open toe slippers or going barefoot in chilly weather.