Cure Red Mange At Home

Red mange is commonly used in reference to demodectic mange. It occurs most commonly in dogs causing redness, irritation, crusty skin, and loss of hair. As it increases, parts of the dog’s body will be hairless and irritated. When there is a defect in the immune system caused by illness or a genetic defect, an accumulation of demodex mites can spread throughout the body. Trying to cure red mange at home can be done, but can take as long as a year of treatment.


1. Change your dog’s diet to a higher quality of food. When your dog has red mange it is an indication there is something effecting its immune system. With a healthier diet, it can help build the immune system and cure your pet of red mange while at home. However, there are other steps you will need follow besides a healthy diet.

2. Comb through your dog’s hair to get samples of dry skin to place into a plastic baggy. Take the sample to the veterinarian to test, making sure your pet’s condition is caused by demodex mites. Once determined, then begin treatment.

3. Bathe your dog with a miticide formulated shampoo once a week. Miticide shampoos are sold at pet stores. You can also create your own remedy of shampoo by adding a tablespoon of tea tree oil to a non-chemical shampoo.

4. Bathe your dog in lime-sulfer dip once a week. Be sure to apply much of the dip onto the affected areas. Leave the dip on the dog and towel dry. Lime-sulfer dips are sold at your local pet store.

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