Cure Pinkeye

Cure Pinkeye

Pinkeye is another name for conjunctivitis, which is inflammation of the eye’s conjunctive membrane (white part of the eye). It is characterized by swelling, itching, burning, discharge and redness. It can be caused a bacteria, virus or allergy. Treatment depends on the cause. There is no cure for viral conjunctivitis. Antibiotics are generally prescribed for bacterial pinkeye. After checking with a doctor to make sure the pinkeye is not bacterial, you can take measures at home to clear it up.


1. Wash your hands often, especially after touching your eye or face. This will help prevent spreading bacteria.

2. Alternate hot and cold compresses to stimulate circulation and draw white blood cells to your eyes.

3. Dip a clean cloth into cool chickweed tea and place against the eye. According to Natural Remedies (see Resources), chickweed helps fight infection.

4. Take antihistamines to control symptoms if the pinkeye is allergic in nature.

5. Flush your eye out with saline solution a few times a day to help keep irritants out.

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