Cure Jock Itch Fast

Powder helps to cure irritating jock itch.

The term “jock itch” derives its name from athletes who tend to develop the bothersome condition because of the sweating they experience while performing a sport, but anyone can get the irritating rash. Jock itch is a fungus that grows around the pelvic area of the body, normally in skin cracks where it is moist and dark. These areas allow bacteria to form and grow, creating a ring-shaped irritation that burns and itches. Curing jock itch will depend on how severe the case is. Does this Spark an idea?

Over-the-counter Medications

Anti-itch creams will help cool the area and soothe the itch. These creams contain corticosteriods, which reduce inflammation caused by the rash. Prepare the area first by washing it with cool water and a mild soap. Avoid scrubbing the skin because that will only irritate it more. Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing it for the same reason. Gently smooth the cream over the rash and allow it to soak into the skin.

Anti-fungal Medications

Because you are dealing with a skin fungus, you will need an anti-fungal medication to kill the bacteria. The medication can be over-the-counter or prescription. Try over-the-counter medications first before contacting your doctor, unless you have a compromised immune system. People fighting other types of infections or diseases such as diabetes might find it difficult to get rid of jock itch with over-the-counter medicines. A prescription-strength medication will help if you cannot get rid of jock itch by using other measures or if you are dealing with another medical condition.

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Keeping this area of your body dry is key to preventing jock itch and eliminating it if you get it. Non-scented powder tapped onto the skin dries moisture that accumulates on your skin during exercise or sweating from the hot weather. Dust your pelvic region and your underwear with a light coating of powder to stay dry most of the day.


Preventing jock itch from occurring is your best defense against the irritating skin condition. Ensure that your clothes fit comfortably, including underwear. Tight-fitting clothes can cause excessive sweating, and they can also irritate your skin. Wear cotton underwear. Avoid sharing towels in community showers, and wash your pelvic region daily to keep harmful bacteria at bay.