Cure Gout With Home Remedies

Gout can easily be managed with a change in diet.

Knowing cure gout with home remedies and relieve you of the pain of arthritis and save you a lot of money in doctor visits. If you have not been happy with the results of your traditional treatments, you can try to use home remedies to cure gout.


1. AVOID LEAD – Avoid lead in your home and diet. Lead poisoning can be a cause of gout. Lead in paint and lead in some food products imported from foreign countries can poison you. Check the lead in your home and research any food products that you eat from foreign countries. Lead poisoning has been shown to cause arthritis known as gout in humans. Protect yourself and your health by removing all lead products from your home. Paint over any lead paint in your home. Hire professionals to remove the lead paint if necessary. Just a small amount of lead can poison a human so do not take any chances, remove lead from your home.

2. AVOID ALCOHOL – Do not drink alcohol if you have gout. Alcohol can cause a pain bout of gout. Although alcohol does not directly cause gout, it makes it much worse. If you are suffering from gout, avoid drinking alcohol and you will reduce your pain and suffering.

3. REDUCE MEAT ORGANS AND HIGH PROTEIN FOODS – Reduce or eliminate high protein foods in your diet. High protein foods increase uric acid which causes gout. Animal organs are normally high in purines which increase uric acid levels in humans. Avoid eating organ meats of animals such as liver, kidneys, brain and heart. For most people it is easy to avoid such foods.

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There are also some vegetables and beans that increase uric acid and lead to gout. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and cauliflower increase uric acid. Avoid beans and lentils as well. You can cure your gout with a home remedy just by changing your diet slightly. These items are not difficult to remove from your diet.

4. REDUCE HIGH SUGAR FOODS – Reduce or eliminate foods in your diet that are high in sugar, especially sugars such as sucrose, fructose and high fructose corn syrup. These foods tend to increase the uric acid level in humans which causes gout.

Because high uric acid levels are hereditary in some individuals, these home remedies to cure gout may not work for everyone. You can cure gout with home remedies that are simply and easy to follow.