Cure Goiters In Cows

Prevent goiters in calves with an iodine supplement fed to adult cattle.

Goiters are a medical condition which appear in both cattle and humans. A goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland. It results from an insufficient amount of iodine. While a goiter is rare in adult cattle, it frequently occurs in newborn calves. This is called “congenital goiter.” The cure for congenital goiter in cattle is to provide an iodine supplement to the adult animals. This will result in newborn cattle being healthy and goiter-free.


1. Mix an iodine powder with ionized cobalt and rock salt. The mixture should equal 400 g of powder per metric ton of salt, or 14 oz. per short (U.S.) ton.

2. Provide this mineral mixture to the cattle “free choice.” Place the mixture in a trough where the cattle are free to eat it at any time. Cattle will naturally eat the salt and will consume the iodine along with it.

3. “Top-dress” the silo corn that you feed to beef cattle. To top-dress the feed, sprinkle the mixture onto the corn before feeding it to the cattle.

4. Observe the outcome. Within a few weeks, newly born cattle should be healthy and energetic.

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