Cure Female Jock Itch

Jock itch for both men and women can be an annoying and frustrating condition that is often difficult to eliminate. According to, it is most often found among men, but women are also susceptible to the fungus that is related to the tineas or ringworm family. It happens most often in conditions where the genital area is not allowed to breathe and develops a rash due to a hot, moist environment that encourages fungal growth. It is also contagious and can be passed in gyms and sports environments where there may be direct contact with individuals who carry the tinea fungus.


1. Be careful when putting your feet into your underwear or clothing if you are getting dressed in a gym, pool or sports environment where tinea fungus might be thriving in the locker room or on shower floor. Wear slippers to take showers and never walk around with bare feet. You can pass the fungus from your feet to your genitals by allowing your feet to touch your underwear.

2. Always take a shower after exercise to avoid accumulation of sweat that may lead to fungal growth. Use an antibacterial soap to discourage the growth of fungus as well. Use a towel and dry genital areas thoroughly before putting on clothing.

3. Be sure the labia and surrounding vaginal and anal area are completely dry. Blow dry the genital area with cool air to eliminate any residual moisture. Do not scratch. Touch as little as possible to avoid spreading to other body parts. This will help to discourage bacterial infection as well.

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4. Wear cotton underwear that allows your genital area to breathe. Do not trap heat in the genital area with non breathable fabrics such as spandex. Change underwear often to discourage any moisture buildup. Use a light powder in your underclothes to discourage moisture. Use mini pads and change often to decrease moisture accumulation.

5. Wash clothing in hot water, and use bleach when possible to kill any fungal growth. Spray your own bathroom floors, showers, toilets and other surfaces with bleach to kill any existing tinea fungus.

6. Soak bedding in hot water and bleach or antibacterial soap. Wash every day to every few days to stop fungal growth. Do not share any personal items that may carry the tinea fungus such as towels or clothes to discourage transmission and re-infection.

7. Apply an anti-fungal cream to the infected area to kill the existing fungus and eliminate any further growth. Anti-fungal creams can be purchased over the counter at most drug stores. also recommends treating under your fingernails with Listerine to discourage spreading the fungus by scratching.

8. states that both oregano and garlic have anti-fungal agents that might help with the elimination of jock itch. They also tout both selenium and vitamin C as helpful for immune system function. Take a multivitamin to ensure you are getting enough of these vitamins, and include foods that contain oregano and garlic to help treat the condition.