Cure A Toe Cramp

The structure of the foot.

Toe cramps can be caused by poor blood circulation, ill fitting shoes or overexertion of the toe muscles during exercise. Less often, toe cramps are a symptom of a medical problem. Athletes and women who wear high heel shoes may experience toe cramps. The front of the foot and toes bear half of the body’s weight. Some people get toe cramps more often than others, but most everyone gets a toe cramp at some point.


1. Take off your shoes to allow proper blood circulation in your toes. Walk out the toe cramp. Walking around increases blood flow to the foot area and relaxes the cramped muscle.

2. Massage the cramped toe. Use your hands to gently bend the toe and massage the surrounding areas. A massage releases tension in the muscles and increases necessary blood flow to the area.

3. Soak the foot in warm water to relax the muscles. This is especially helpful to ease toe cramps that are caused by exercise.

4. Prevent future toe cramps by wearing comfortable, proper fitting shoes and not overexerting the feet during exercise.

5. Exercise and stretch your toes to strengthen foot muscles, which reduces the likelihood of future toe cramps. A good toe exercise is to pick up small objects with your toes. Discontinue the exercise if it causes toe cramping, pain or numbness. If you have a medical condition, consult with a doctor before beginning toe exercises.

6. Eat a balanced diet to provide the body with the necessary nutrients for proper muscle function.

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