Cure A Gum Boil Naturally

A gum boil is caused from an abscessed or infected tooth. They can be extremely painful and make everyday life miserable. As with any tooth problem, it is best to consult a dentist so you can be treated accordingly. However, sometimes we are not able to make it to the dentist office and have to suffer with the pain. You can lessen the pain caused from a gum boil by drawing out the infection naturally.


1. Swish hydrogen peroxide inside your mouth, around the infected area to disinfect it. Be careful not to swallow the hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can be found at most grocery stores and pharmacies.

2. Mix half baking soda with half cooking salt to create a packing around the infected tooth. Take a wet cotton ball and dip into the mixture. Place the cotton ball in your mouth between the sore tooth and cheek. Leave the cotton ball in your mouth for several hours, only removing it to change for a new packing. The baking soda mixture will draw the infection out.

3. Lightly push against your cheek in the area around the abscess to help push the infection (pus) out. Do not push too strongly or you may push the pus into your bloodstream, which could cause a serious infection.

4. Take a dry tea bag and place it inside your cheek against the infected tooth. Keep the tea bag in the area throughout the night. Change the tea bag whenever it becomes soggy. The tea bag will alleviate the inflammation.

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