Control Cholesterol Using Home Remedies

Take Garlic Capsules to Keep Cholesterol Under Control

There are two types of cholesterol, bad cholesterol, LDL, and good cholesterol, HDL. Good cholesterol is the type our body makes, and the bad cholesterol is the type we add to the good when we eat things we shouldn’t. LDL cholesterol clogs arteries and is better at the lowest levels. HDL is naturally made in our bodies and is better at higher levels. There is prescription medication that a doctor can prescribe if we have too much of the bad cholesterol, and it is not recommended to replace that medication with home remedies. However, there are good and inexpensive things we can do at home to keep the cholesterol under control. These home remedies can be used with the prescribed medications to help keep good cholesterol under control and keep bad cholesterol away.


Using Home Remedies to Control Cholesterol

1. Take at least 400 international units of Vitamin E everyday to keep the good cholesterol under control and to keep the bad cholesterol from building up. Taking Vitamin E will keep cholesterol from forming into plaque that can clog arteries and cause a heart attack. Take Vitamin E every day along with your prescribed cholesterol medication.

2. Stock up on Vitamin C and take it regularly. People who have high levels of Vitamin C in their diet tend to have high HDL numbers.

3. Eat about seven cloves of garlic every day or take an odorless garlic capsule every day to keep LDL cholesterol low and HDL cholesterol high. Most people find taking a garlic capsule every day is easier than eating 7 cloves of garlic every day.

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4. Eat a few grapes every day or drink some grape juice. The skin of grapes can help keep cholesterol under control.

5. Eat at least 1½ grapefruit sections every day to lower your bad cholesterol. People who eat grapefruit every day can lower their cholesterol by 7 percent in just two months. Grapefruit is just one of many different fruits that include cholesterol-lowering pectin.

6. Add beans to your diet as often as you can. Kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, soybeans and other legumes can help keep your cholesterol under control. Just by eating 1½ cups of beans everyday you can lower your bad cholesterol by 22 percent. You don’t have to eat that much, but the more beans you eat as often as you can will help keep your cholesterol under control. Beans are another food that contain cholesterol-lowering pectin.