Colic Relief For A Sixweekoldbaby

Colic is a catch-all term for any unexplained, extended crying in infants. Many times, colic will set in at around three weeks of age. The crying may peak around six weeks old. Often, it will seem as though there is no way to stop the baby’s crying, and you may feel rather helpless. There are a few things you can do to try and calm your infant and get the crying to stop.

Identifying the Cause

To treat colic in your child, it is important to know exactly why your baby is colicky in the first place. Take your baby to the doctor for a thorough examination to test for any of a number of possible causes. Your baby may be suffering from acid reflux, gas pains or some other ailment. It is important to identify what the potential cause is of the colic, because treating the wrong thing could lead to more discomfort. If your doctor can’t find anything wrong with your child, you may want to find another doctor to get a second opinion.

To help diagnose what may be the cause, keep a record of your child’s crying spells. Note any possible irritants there may be, such as a feeding or the lack of a nap. Once you record enough incidents, you may notice some kind of pattern and can work on eliminating the problem.

Change in Diet

If you suspect that your baby‘s colic is due to acid reflux or gas problems, a change in diet may help. Try taking dairy out of your child’s diet. If you are breastfeeding, stop eating dairy yourself and see if this causes a change in your baby’s behavior. You may want to switch to a formula specifically created for babies with sensitive stomachs to see if this calms your child‘s stomach.

Soothing Movements

Your baby may be comforted by certain movements. If your child is colicky because of discomfort or tiredness, rocking or bouncing can help. Try sitting in a rocking chair with your baby or bouncing in place. An automatic baby swing may help calm your child. Riding in the car can also help your child calm down, as can sitting the baby on top of a running washing machine while in a baby seat. If you choose to do this, though, never leave the baby unattended.

For trapped gas, try patting and rubbing your baby’s back. This may dislodge trapped gas and make your baby feel better.

Homeopathic Treatment

Many parents turn to homeopathic treatments for colic relief. One that is available for purchase online is the liquid medication Colic Calm. Colic Calm has natural ingredients that are safe for use in infants. Many other formulas may have ingredients that aren’t as safe for infants and should be avoided.