Cold & Flu Remedies While Pregnant

Catching a cold is never comfortable, but when you are pregnant it can be more miserable than usual. Pregnancy puts you at a greater risk of getting sick because your immune system is not as powerful, according to the Mayo Clinic. Tissues and a humidifier are a good start to feeling better, but when you need more comfort and can’t turn to your usual cold medicine, because it may not be good for the baby, there are ways to ease your discomfort.

Get Some Rest

When you start to feel a little under the weather, the best remedy is to get plenty of rest. Taking a nap when your body is begging for one will help it to fight off both your stuffy nose and sore throat. When your nose is stuffy and running, keep your head propped up when you are ready to lie down and relax. Sleeping with your head raised above your body will allow your sinuses to drain and help you breathe easier.

Stuffy Nose

Treat a stuffy nose with the combination of salt and water mixed together in a saline nasal spray. A few squirts will relieve the inflamed tissue in your nose and loosen mucus. Applying a mentholated salve to your chest, temples and under your nose will open up your air passages and relieve your cold symptoms. Try a nasal strip on your nose to further open your nasal passages.

Sore Throat

If a scratchy throat is bothering you, gargle with salt water at least two times a day to get rid of bacteria and stop that irritating itchy feeling. Or make a cup of tea with plenty of honey to sooth your sore throat away. Stock up on plenty of honey or sugar based cough drops to get some sweet relief from your irritated throat.

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Comfort Food and Drink

Cold and flu symptoms, like a runny nose, fever, sneezing and vomiting, can all cause fluid loss. When your nose starts to run, remember to drink plenty of water so you can stay well hydrated. Consuming extra fluids when you are sick can also make your cough more productive and help your sinuses drain. Eat nourishing foods that will not only give you a much needed energy boost, but also soothe you while you are sick. Drink chicken noodle soup, eat a warm bowl of oatmeal or foods low in fat but high in comfort.

Medicated Remedies

If natural remedies are not doing the trick, there are a few medicated options for pregnant women that are safe for baby too. For aches, pains, headaches and fevers, take a dose of Tylenol. A cough that won’t quit can be quieted with a bit of Robitussin. But before you take any medication for your cold or flu, remember to check with your health care provider.