Choose Herbs For Cyst Home Remedies

Learn Choose Herbs for Cyst Home Remedies

A cyst is described by doctors as being a closed sac filled with waste material from the body. Cysts can be found anywhere on the body, but are more frequent in women in the uterus and breasts and are thought to be related to estrogen levels. Cysts may develop on the liver and on the skin as well. Cysts are benign and are not removed unless they interfere with another organ. Cysts often develop in the female adult, indicating an imbalance in the hormones that control the female reproductive system.


1. Apply frankincense oil topically. This herbal oil has been considered for centuries to be good for the female reproductive system, especially the uterus. Because frankincense regulates production of estrogen hormone, it reduces post-menopausal cyst formation.

2. Cure cycts with garlic. Garlic contains components known as bioflavanoids that prevent estrogen loss. Garlic is also known to dissolve cysts.

3. Regulate hormonal levels with don quai has been called the “female ginseng” because of its action on female hormones. By regulating hormone levels, it prevents the eruption of cysts.

4. Shrink your cysts with dandelion. Organic cures for liver cysts include many herbs but always dandelion. Dandelion is effective in shrinking cysts and tumors and preventing them from becoming malignant.

5. Treat your cysts with goldenseal. This is a powerful herb that affects female hormones. It is considered to be a tumor-dissolving agent and also regulates menstrual bleeding.

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