Choose An Alternative Medicine Doctor

Choose an Alternative Medicine Doctor

Alternative medicine has been used to treat conditions ranging from migraines to anxiety to cancer. There are many different kinds of alternative medicine. Anything not used in conventional medicine is considered an alternative practice. There are 2 different kinds of alternative medicine doctors: those who use alternative theories and treatments in the course of their usual work, and those who have set up a practice dedicated solely to alternative therapies. Since alternative medicine covers such a broad spectrum, it’s fairly easy to locate a competent doctor in your area. Follow these steps to find out how.


Find an Alternative Medicine Doctor

1. Decide what kind of alternative medicine doctor you’re looking for. There are more than 100 disciplines in alternative medicine, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, color therapy and homeopathy.

2. Ask for recommendations from the staff at your local health food store. This is a great place to find out about doctors in your area, as well as about alternative medicine products and procedures you’ve never heard of.

3. Talk to friends and family to get recommendations for alternative medicine doctors.

4. Tell your general practitioner about your desire to seek treatment from an alternative medicine doctor. He or she may have some good references within your medical group and insurance plan limits.

Choose an Alternative Medicine Doctor

5. Arrange for in-person consultations with your top choices. You can also speak to doctors over the phone; but in-person consultations are better. You’ll get a feel for the environment of the doctor’s office.

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6. Bring a list of questions you want answered to your consultations. These can be about anything from how the doctor conducts his or her practice to general health questions. Selecting an alternative medicine practitioner is a big deal. You’ll want to choose someone you’re comfortable with.

7. Check your doctor’s qualifications before you commit. While many alternative medicine professions aren’t officially licensed, you can search individual organizations for competent practitioners. There’s a fantastic database of alternative medicine organizations and associated practitioners at the “Alternative Medicine Foundation” Web site (see Resources below).