Child Sleep Remedies

Aside from medications, you can use natural home remedies to help children sleep.

Helping your child get a good night’s rest often constitutes a time-consuming challenge. You can naturally help your child get to sleep by enforcing some daily routines and other natural methods. You can also purchase natural soothing ingredients to create your own child sleep-remedy drink or pre-made natural sleep aids from your local drugstore.

Create a Solid Bedtime

Enforcing a solid bedtime keeps your child‘s daily schedule on track and makes for more consistent sleeping patterns. Start by choosing a bedtime you find suitable for your child’s sleep needs and make your child aware of the rules of sticking with the time. This will help prepare your child’s mindset for bedtime; over time it will become a natural time to sleep.

Create a Routine

Sticking with a routine each day can make your child’s daily sleep routine consistent and uninterrupted. Plan meal times, homework time and play time throughout the day to help your child get familiar with a schedule. You can also include physical activities and exercises daily which can help with burning excess energy to make for better night’s sleep.

Household Fixes

If your child’s room contains too much light, this can prevent sleeping. Check with your child on her preferences regarding the light in the room as dimming or removing the light or adding a nightlight may solve sleeping issues. Keep your child’s bedroom quiet and peaceful, as noise can disrupt sleeping as well. Watch and monitor your child’s sugar intake, since it may cause sleep disruption. Too much sugar will interrupt sleeping patterns and may cause your child to become more energized than usual. You can read a story to your child before bedtime to help her fall asleep: this makes a common sleeping remedy for some children.

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Herbal and Natural Remedies

You can purchase herbal and natural children sleep-aid remedies from a local drugstore or grocery store. Recipes and resources are available online. Many teas and herbal drinks are sold for children–as well as the ingredients to create your own recipes. You should contact a doctor if you think your child may have a sleeping disorder or cannot sleep, despite the remedies.