Cell Salts & Torn Ligaments

The body’s many ligaments can be torn from stress and wear.

Alternative medicine has offered relief to many patients that have found traditional medical treatments insufficient. Homeopathic medicine focuses on the person as a whole with a special focus on disease prevention and well-being. Cell salts are dietary supplements used in homeopathic medicine that may help torn ligament healing.

What are Cell Salts?

The enzymes in the human body require basic minerals to function properly. Cell salts, also called tissue salts, contain many of these important minerals. There are 12 basic cell salts: three calcium-based, three potassium-based, three sodium-based, one iron-based, one magnesium-based and one silica-based. A homeopathic medical practitioner will choose the best mix of these salts to treat a given condition.

Salts for Torn Ligaments

According to Elixir.com, the calcium-based cell salts are important for bone health and skin healing. Deficiency in calcium phosphate can manifest as aching pain while deficiency in calcium fluoride can cause slow wound healing. Another important player is magnesium phosphate, which is found inside the cells of muscles and nerves. These cell salts can be helpful in preventing and treating torn ligaments.


A torn ligament is very hard to repair without the aid of surgery. There are no studies proving the effectiveness of cell salts for ligament repair. However, there are many anecdotal stories of cell salts aiding the healing process in conjunction with surgery.

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