Cell Salts For Kidney Problems

The kidneys function as a part of the body’s waste removal system.

Your kidneys work as a pair to remove wastes and water from the blood, to release hormones and to balance chemicals in the body. They also produce vitamin D, which is an essential component of keeping bones healthy and strong. When a kidney malfunctions, it puts more of a burden on the remaining functioning kidney. If both begin to function improperly as a result, you may have to use treatments like dialysis or have a kidney transplant. Cell salts therapy is a remedy that has been studied for more than 100 years to rectify the problem.

Cell Salt Theory

In the 1870s German physician, W.H. Schussler theorized that 12 tissue salts help the body function harmoniously. He discovered this theory after studying cremated human remains. This theory led to the belief that when there is imbalance in the amount of these salts in the body, diseases occur. To recreate adequate cell nutrition, patience use cell salts combined in pill form until the body’s functions and ability to repair itself are restored.


Cell salts are used as a companion therapy to other treatments. The 12 essential tissue salts described in Dr. Schussler’s studies help to maintain cellular health for the body’s organs and self-sustaining systems. According to the Native Remedies website, “Cell salts help to maximize health efforts, and enhance the bioavailability of all supplements, remedies and nutrients in your diet to ensure that all the cells of your body and urinary system are functioning effectively.”

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Strong Kidneys

One of the kidney’s functions is to produce vitamins for healthy bones. Stephen Byrnes, N.D., Ph.D. advises that the most potent cell salt for kidney repair is calcium phosphate. Mainly for bone and teeth strength, it also aids in the functions of glands, nerves, blood, gastric juices and connective tissues. He writes “Australian naturopath Judy Jacka attests to its value in kidney and ovarian complaints. American naturopath Skye Weintraub recommends this salt for anemia.” Cell salts have been used to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids, body odor, flu and inflammation.


Cells salts can be extracted from plants and then crushed into smaller particles. Homeopathy principles require that the salts be diluted. In the book “Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation,” David Jubb writes, “Cell salts draw nutrients into DNA, accommodating rejuvenation. Bio-balance is restored, and endocrine gland production takes place normally. This occurs as minerals are balanced through proper blood sugar management.”

Taking Cell Salts and Side Effects

Patients don’t swallow cell salts pills the same way as other medications. They simply allow the salts to dissolve in their mouths. The medical profession often considers cell salts placebos because they are diluted when they are prepared and have no side effects. However, cell salts increase kidney activity. Hyperactivity of vital organs can lead to the over- or under-excretion of sodium, leading to hypertension or hypotension.