Cell Salt Uses

In 1873, a German homeopathic physician posed the theory that human cells contain 12 types of salts. According to this theory, when these salts are in balance, the body remains in health. Illnesses stem from an imbalance of cell salts; taking the particular cell salts that the body lacks restores health.

Hair, Skin and Nails

The cell salt known as Calcarea Fluorica preserves elastic tissues and may help treat cracks in the skin and flabby flesh. Calcarea Sulphurica promotes cellular regeneration and may help treat infections due to pus and pimples. Kali Muriaticum treats various skin conditions such as blisters, inflammations and acne. Kali Sulphuricum occurs in epidermis and epithelial cells and its deficiency could lead to inflammations, dandruff, psoriasis and rough nails. Take Silicea to treat hair loss and brittle nails.

Teeth and Bones

Calcarea Fluorica helps treat rough, loose and sensitive teeth. Magnesia Phosphorica and Ferrum Phosphoricum may help make the teething process more comfortable by relieving teething fever. Calcarea Phosphorica promotes growth and may help heal broken bones.

Internal Systems

Calcarea Fluorica provides the elasticity in blood vessels, muscles and connective tissue; its deficiency leads to sluggish circulation, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Calcarea Phosphorica can help treat cramps, spasms, numbness and cold feelings, while Calcarea Sulphurica can help treat sore throats, colds, headaches, nausea, pancreatic, liver and kidney conditions. Take Ferrum Phosphoricum for digestive ailments such as lack of appetite, bowel movement problems, urine retention and vomiting. Magnesia Phosphorica relieves pains, including headaches, cramps, convulsive coughing and menstrual pains. Natrum Muriaticum distributes water throughout the body; its deficiency leads to too much or too little water in various body parts, causing symptoms such as constipation, watery mucus and excessive thirst. Natrum Phosphoricum is used to treat inflammatory rheumatism, high cholesterol, sour breath and gout. Take Natrum Sulphuricum to treat liver conditions and influenza. Silicea occurs in connective tissue and may treat headaches, nausea, violent sneezing, hemorrhoids and stomach pains.

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Mental Conditions

Kali Phosphoricum occurs in the gray matter of the brain and may help with various conditions such as depression, excitement, sexual impotence, nervousness, insomnia, timidity, ill humor and laziness. Kali Sulphuricum, which carries oxygen to the cells, can help treat weariness, heaviness, giddiness, fear, sadness, repressed feelings and anxiety. Silicea occurs in the brain and may help treat absent-mindedness and crankiness.