Calm A Teething Baby

Calm a Teething Baby

Calming a teething baby is frustrating at times. You might think you have tried everything up to this point. But remember our moms and our mom’s moms have all been there and have passed down traditions to help calm a teething baby that really do work. Try a few of these remedies, both natural and medicinal, to see what works best for your child.


1. Determine if your baby is teething. Some symptoms are drooling, causing face and chin rashes, diarrhea, biting, pulling on ears and a low-grade fever.

2. Hold your baby in your lap and cuddle.

3. Take your fingers and rub the gums. This can also be done with a soft wash cloth. Place an ice cube in the wash cloth and allow your child to chew on it.

4. Put sliced bananas and apples in the freezer and let your child suck on the frozen fruit.

5. Purchase teething rings and teething toys from a store. Put in your freezer and allow your child to suck on them.

6. Try baby safe teething gels to help numb the gums.

7. Reduce low grade fever with approved baby Acetaminophen and use a dosage designated for your baby’s weight and age.

8. Bring your baby to the doctor to get professional advice if none of these remedies help

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