Calm A Hyperactive Dog Without Prescribed Medication

Calm a Hyperactive Dog Without Prescribed Medication

Dogs are cherished members of the family. A hyperactive dog is sometimes difficult to enjoy. There are some remedies that can be tried to help soothe your dog. It may be as simple as basic behavior modification. You may find that one of these helps tremendously. If nothing seems to work, contact your vet.


1. As simple as it sounds, start with the basics. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, a sensible diet and is clear about who is in charge. Pet owners need to be sure they show their leadership.

2. Train him to stay down for long periods. Reward your dog with treats when he/she shows signs of relaxation (i.e. open mouth, slow breathing).

3. Use calming scents such as lavender. There are als products available such as Farnam Comfort Zone DAP for Dog diffuser. See resources for other products.

4. Massage can calm a dog. They will enjoy it as much as you do.

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