Buy Rhodiola Rosea

Buy a quality rhodiola supplement!

Rhodiola rosea, the newest super herb on the market, is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to physical, mental, and environmental stress, elevates mood, and enhances phyisical performance. It’s also great to use for the immune system when fighting off a cold. I’ve tried it, and I love it: it makes me feel great. That is what inspired me to write this article. However, there are many cheap, bad brands out there, and I want to help you avoid them and choose a quality rhodiola supplement.


1. Understand what makes a quality rhodiola supplement. The active ingredient in rhodiola, the one with all the benefits, is a compound called rosavins. Some comanies just chop up the herb and put it in a capsule and sell it. But the amount of the rhodiola rosea herb is not what you’re looking for, you’re looking for the most rosavins.

2. Determine how many rosavins are in the supplement you’re considering. It’s quite easy. On the ingredients label, it should tell you how much total herb is in each capsule, and what percentage of rosavins. Just multiply these numbers together, and you’ll get the total rosavins. So, in a 100 mg capsule .standardized to 6 percent rosavins, the total amount of rosavins (100mg x .06) is 6. This is from a good quality brand, rhodiola force.

3. Determine your dosage. Rhodiola affects different people in different ways. Start off by taking one capsule in the morning, then increase it to once in the morning and once around noon, if necessary.

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