Breathe With A Deviated Septum

MRI of Deviated Septum

Do you suffer from cronic nasal congestion? If you have thought you had allergies, but pursued treatment to no avail, a deviated septum may be the cause. The septum that divides the right side of the nose from the left is supposed to be straight, but in some cases it can have a curve or a series of curves in it. This is most often caused by previous fractures or damage to the nasal canal. The most common indicator of a deviated septum is diminished ability to breathe and possibly drainage build up in the nasal canal. Chronic snoring is another symptom of a deviated septom. Suffering from this condition can be uncomfortable, embarassing and downright annoying. Read this article to find out relieve some of your symptoms and live a more painfree, restful life.


Cure your symptoms

1. Purchase a saline spray comprised of packets of pre-mixed saline solution and a bottle to mix the solution in. There are several different types of saline solution you could buy. Any of them will probably work, but you want one that isn’t going to sting your nasal passages. Be sure to mix it according to directions.

2. Add filtered or distilled water to the bottle and put a packet of the solution in the bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the solution, but not too much, because adding lots of air can make you spray air up into your already irritated nasal passages and that is probably not a good idea.

3. Lean over the sink and spray the contents of the bottle up into your nose. Be sure to have tissues on hand for the extra drainage that will come from your nose. Lean over the sink so that any drainage can come out of your mouth as well.

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4. Blow your nose and rinse out your mouth to get rid of any excess drainage. Continue this until there is no or minimal drainage coming out.

5. Spray the steroid spray (if prescribed) in one nostril while holding the other one closed. Inhale while you spray. Repeat procedure with the other nostril. You should be able to breathe clearly!