Bach Rescue Remedy For Depression

Bach Rescue Remedy for Depression

The Bach Rescue Remedy is an herbal homeopathic supplement designed to allow individuals to cope with the stress of everyday situations, including mild depression and depressive symptoms. Although the Bach Rescue Remedy is marketed toward women, it can be also used for men and was used by Jay McCarroll on “Project Runway” before he won the competition. Celebrities who use the Bach Rescue Remedy include Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett and Victoria Beckham.


Dr. Edward Bach, the inventor of Rescue Remedy, was a surgeon at University College Hospital in London. According to the Dr. Edward Bach Centre, Bach became frustrated with medicine’s focus on diseases rather than on patients, so he gave up his practice of orthodox scientific medicine to study natural remedies. Dr. Bach was known for personally becoming afflicted with the ailments he was trying to cure so he could know firsthand how the patient felt.


The active ingredients in the Bach Rescue Remedy are clematis, rock rose, cherry plum, impatiens and star of Bethlehem. Although none of these ingredients are approved by the FDA for treating or helping depression, Bach stated that rock rose addresses panic and terror in the everyday life and star of Bethlehem remedies shock and trauma.

Time Frame

The Bach Rescue Remedy can be taken with water on an as-needed basis every few hours throughout the day. Patients who decide to take the remedy for depression should feel a difference within a few days of first taking the supplement. Positive signs that the supplement is working include a sense of calm, fewer negative thoughts, the ability to cope with stress more easily and fewer destructive feelings. If one does not feel a difference within 3 weeks of taking the Bach’s Rescue Remedy, it may not be the proper supplement that particular person’s symptoms.

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Although aromatherapy and herbal remedies have proved to medically help ailing patients, the Bach Rescue Remedy may also work as a placebo. A placebo is a regimen that may not actually have medicinal properties, but helps a patient calm down as it causes one to feel more positive about about one’s condition.


The Bach Rescue Remedy is not a replacement for therapy or antidepressants. If you still have depressed feelings or thoughts after taking the Bach Rescue Remedy, see a doctor as soon as possible. If you experience swelling or a rash, you may be allergic to one of the ingredients in the remedy. Discontinue use immediately and see a doctor if these symptoms continue.