Ayurvedic Treatment For Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is a condition that affects men and is characterized by the inability or the delayed ability to ejaculate semen during sexual intercourse or during sexual stimulation in the presence of their sexual partners. Numerous factors cause delayed ejaculation, including psychological issues, a diminished attraction to one’s sexual partner, traumatic events, the use of certain medications and neurological conditions. Some ayurvedic treatments can alleviate the problem if the cause of delayed ejaculation is a physical.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Visit a physician to determine the underlying cause of delayed ejaculation. You should see a urologist to determine whether there is a physical abnormality causing your condition, especially if you are unable to ejaculate at all. A sex therapist can offer counseling for those who have a psychological condition that is the causing delayed ejaculation; the therapist can help identify the the problem and offer guidance on overcome it. See a counselor if you have lost sexual desire for your partner or spouse; your hindered desire can have a strong effect on your sex life and on your relationship as a whole. If your delayed ejaculation is caused by certain medications, talk to your doctor about possibly changing them.


In “Ayurvedic Medicine: The Principles of Traditional Practice,” Sebastian Pole explains that nutmeg is an ayurvedic treatment for male infertility, impotence and premature ejaculation. The herb is considered an aphrodisiac. The author asserts that one-sixth of a gram a day of the dried herb or 6 milliliters of nutmeg tincture daily can help improve conditions related to ejaculatory problems. Nutmeg is an effective remedy for digestive upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dysentery. Use this herb to calm your nerves, and to diminish tension and relieve stress. Add nutmeg to foods and beverages, such as potatoes and eggnog drinks. Take one 600-milligram capsule of nutmeg two times daily with a glass of water during meals. This herb has mood-altering affects; do not take it if you are on antidepressant medications, or if you are suffering from minor or major depression.

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The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines, by Charles W. Fetrow and Juan R. Avila, discusses saffron, which is considered an aphrodisiac and is used for premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and impotence. Saffron eases digestion and promotes relaxation because of its mild sedative effect. Fetrow and Avila assert that 5 grams of saffron a day can remedy delayed ejaculation and premature ejaculation. To drink saffron as a tea, brew 1 to 2 grams of the herb in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes. Drink three cups of saffron tea a day. Excessive use of this herb can have some side effects, including nosebleeds, a reduced pulse, vertigo and facial flushing.


Sebastian Pole says that ashwagandha is an herbal remedy for male impotence; this herb promotes stamina, sexual potency, and improves sexual performance. Ashwagandha stimulates and improves your sexual capacity. The herb may improve cognitive processes and enhance the function of reproductive organs in women and men. It is adaptogenic and helps correct hormonal imbalances. Pole asserts that 3 to 9 grams of ashwaghanda per day in its dried-root form is an ideal remedy for delayed and premature ejaculation. Drink 15 milliliters of ashwagandha a day in tincture form, or take one 600-milligram capsule two times daily. Ashwagandha may interfere with antiseizure medications and produce a sedative effect. Do not consume ashwagandha if you have leukemia and are taking cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapy medication; the herb may interact with your medication, or it may cause an allergic response.