Avena Sativa Side Effects

Avena sativa is the scientific term for the wild or common oat. Its extract is commonly used as a dietary supplement. There are many different benefits associated with Avena sativa, including enhanced sexual performance, detoxification, lessened cravings for nicotine, regulating uterine health, calming anxiety, aiding digestion and raising fertility levels. As with any type of nutritional supplement, there are several possible side effects associated with Avena sativa use.

High Doses

With exceedingly high doses of Avena sativa, there are some possible side effects that could occur. These side effects are sleeplessness, restlessness and an increased heart rate. Consuming excessive amounts of Avena sativa could also cause headaches.

Allergic Reactions

Most indications show that taking Avena sativa in normal doses does not really lead to any significant side effects occurring. However, people who have oat allergies could experience negative reactions (like hives, difficulty breathing, chest tightness or pain, itchiness, swelling and rashes).

Drug Interactions

Avena sativa does not produce any reactions when taken alongside other drugs. Because of that, it is often used as a safe option compared to other herbal supplements that are taken for anxiety purposes (one example is St. John’s wort).

Cardiovascular or Central Nervous System Effects

There has been no evidence that Avena sativa use can bring on negative, adverse side effects to either the central nervous system or the cardiovascular system, which is another reason why it is a very safe supplement.


A healthy, recommended dosage for Avena sativa is about 300 milligrams a day (within the capsule format). If you take more Avena sativa than that amount, you run the risk of experiencing any of the aforementioned, negative side effects associated with excessive use.

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