Aromatherapy Cure For Jock Itch

Many men, especially those involved in athletic activities, have had jock itch. Jock itch is a fungus that can cause an itchy rash that can scale over and cause pain. One of the leading causes of jock itch is wearing tight underwear and/or jeans. Fortunately, nature offers natural remedies to treat this fungus as opposed to paying for expensive creams that can cause a nervous reaction. Bear in mind, certain lifestyle changes must be implemented in addition to essential oils and aromatherapy to remove jock itch.

Essential Oils

There are a few essential oils that are imperative to removing jock itch. Moisture is the main factor that keeps the fungus thriving. An oily surface keeps the fungus under control so it can be removed. A popular formula given by Valerie Ann Worwood in her book The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy follows: Dilute two drops of either lavender, tea tree, cypress or patchouli in a bowl of water. Wash the area and dry well. Consider using a hair dryer on medium setting to ensure the area is dry. After the area is thoroughly dried, add two drops of one of the four mentioned oils to one teaspoon of vegetable oil and apply in the morning and at night. Tea tree, lavender, cypress, and patchouli are great oils for jock itch as they are antiseptic and anti-fungal.

Feel free to use chamomile or rosemary as a scent to relieve stress. Stress can, in many ways, cause a disease to grow because stress weakens the immune system. Also, consider the type of soap you use daily to keep the skin clean. Commercial soaps contain detergents that can harm the affected area. Try finding a 100 percent all natural soap. Lavender soap is great because of the lavender’s healing benefits.

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Other Tips

Now that you know the essential oils to treat jock itch with, there are a few more details to remember. Do not wear tight underwear while the body is fighting the fungus. Try wearing boxers to allow air to circulate in that area. Refrain from excessively sweating. If you have no choice, change underwear and keep the area frequently cleaned. You may have to take more baths or showers than usual as you undergo this healing. For preventative measures refrain from sharing towels and washing clothes. Lastly, you can add baby powder or anti-fungal powders to the area daily to keep the area dry.