An Herbal Remedy For Toddler Uti

A UTI can be very uncomfortable.

It is very difficult to tell if a toddler has a UTI because the most common noticeable side effect is a fever, so it is often diagnosed and treated as something else. Watch for redness in the vaginal area, hesitation to urinate or discomfort/fussiness when urinating. If you suspect a UTI, take your child to the pediatrician for an accurate diagnoses before choosing a treatment option. Many parents prefer an herbal or natural remedy to antibiotics. Here are some options for treating your toddler‘s UTI.

Drink to Disinfect

It has be proven time and again that drinking either cranberry or blueberry juice can be both preventative and therapeutic. Containing an antibacterial-like ingredient, either juice helps prevent bacteria from clinging to the walls of the bladder and urethra. Getting your toddler to drink 16 ounces a day (the recommended amount) may prove tricky since it’s not very sweet but do not use a juice with sugar added. Instead, choose one that has added apple or grape juice as a sweetener.

Also, hydration is key to a quick healing. Start your child‘s day off with a nice big drink of water and help her stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Contact a Naturopathic Physician

There are a handful of herbal remedies, such as goldenseal root and uvi ursi, that have proven very effective in treating a UTI. However, it is essential that you talk to a naturopathic physician or holistic doctor to find out how much, if any, your toddler can take as treatment. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean that you can take as much as you please, and some overdoses may even be fatal. So please check before starting any holistic treatment on your own.

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Talk to your doctor about the possible use of probiotic supplements. Probiotics exist in the body to regulate the amount of bacteria can be helpful in combating a UTI. Avoid using yogurt as a source of probiotics because the sugars contained in yogurt actually serve as a breeding ground for bacteria instead of combating the problem.