Alternative Pain Relief For Teething

It is very difficult to watch your baby in pain. As your baby starts cutting teeth, generally around four months of age and continuing until about the age of two, she will experience pressure in her gums as the teeth press up and then pain as they cut through. You could give your child a gum-numbing gel or Tylenol to help, but there are other methods you can try too. However, you should check with your doctor before attempting any natural remedy.

Let Him Chew

You will likely notice your baby is putting everything he can find into his mouth while he is teething. This is a natural reaction and it is good for him. When he puts something between his gums and bites down, the pressure helps those teeth press through the gums. However, it is important to monitor what goes into your baby’s mouth. You do not want him to chew on anything that might harm him or that he might choke on. Help encourage his chewing by giving him safe things to chew on.

If your baby is old enough to gum fruits, freeze a slice of banana or peach and give it to him in a mesh feeding bag. (These can be purchased at baby stores and online.) There are also teething foods such as arrowroot cookies and teething toast. You could also try teething rings that have been refrigerated or a washcloth that has been frozen for five or six minutes. Both can be chewed on and the cold will help relieve pain in your baby’s mouth.

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Hit the Spice Rack

There are different herbs and oils that can help provide your little one with some relief. Many of them you may already have in your cabinets. Cloves, for example, have oil in them that helps relieve pain by warming and numbing. Since your baby is too small to hold a clove in her mouth because of the choking risk, you can rub a drop or two on her gums. Do not use any more than two drops or it could upset her stomach.

Licorice also has a soothing effect. Allow your baby to chew on the natural herbs (not the candy sticks) if she is old enough.

One of the best home remedies is pure vanilla extract. Make sure you are using the extract, not the artificial vanilla flavoring. Rub three or four drops of vanilla extract on your baby’s gums to provide relief. Vanilla extract is great because the alcohol in it will warm the gums like the clove oil and the pressure you use to rub the liquid in will provide similar relief to chewing. Vanilla has a soothing property for your baby’s tummy too, which will help if she has an upset stomach from crying. As a final benefit, the smell of vanilla has a stress-relieving quality for both your baby and you.