Allnatural Way To Cure A Bladder Infection In A Dog

Allowing your dog frequent access to the outdoors helps keep the bladder flushed and free of bacteria.

Canine bladder infections are painful and uncomfortable for dogs. These infections result from bacteria entering and multiplying inside the bladder. Canine bladder infections can become dangerous if left untreated, as they can create small crystals or larger stones in the bladder, which may later cause blockages. Symptoms include frequent and painful urination or inability to urinate, as well as strong urine odor. Veterinary treatment is required for severe canine bladder infections, but with veterinary approval, minor bladder infections can effectively be treated using natural remedies at home.


1. Administer a herbal UTI (urinary tract infection) remedy to your dog, according to your veterinarian’s and the medication’s dosage instructions. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, as dogs of different weights require different dosages.

2. Give your dog a glass of citrus juice (in a dish, of course) each day until symptoms subside. Examples of citrus juice include orange juice, lime juice or cranberry juice. You can also give small portions of the juice throughout the day or mix the juice with your dog’s food if he does not like or will not drink an entire dishful of juice. The acid in citrus juice neutralizes bacteria in your dog’s urinary tract.

3. Add apple cider vinegar to your dog’s diet. Mix 1/2 tsp. apple cider vinegar to your dog’s food or mixed into your dog’s water for three days. Apple cider vinegar has the same medicinal effect for your dog as citrus juice.

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4. Give your dog a bath. A weekly bath keeps your dog clean and prevents bacteria from entering your dog’s urethra and causing an infection.

5. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water for your dog to drink, and encourage your dog to drink plenty of water. Drinking lots of water flushes your dog’s bladder, washing away bacteria as it does so.

6. Take your dog for lots of walks. When your dog goes for a walk, it is more likely to urinate, which flushes the bladder and prevents bacteria from remaining in the bladder and setting up infection.