Alcohol Detox At Home

At-Home Alcohol Detox

Detox, or detoxification, occurs when a foreign or harmful substance is removed from the body. Detox usually refers to the period of time when a drug addict is coming down from the physical symptoms of drug addiction. Detoxification does not in any way treat addiction. Addiction is has a strong mental component that takes a longer amount of time to remedy than the physical component. Alcohol detox can cause side effects, severe withdrawal symptoms and even death, so it is imperative that you see a doctor before attempting any of these steps.


1. Consult your doctor. If your doctor determines that the addiction is too severe and that you may die without a blood-alcohol level, you will probably need to be admitted into the hospital to detox. If the alcohol addiction is not so severe, an alternative treatment like at-home detox may work.

2. Drink moderate to large amounts of water. Do not consume more than 2 quarts of water an hour. Staying hydrated will help the withdrawal symptoms be less severe and allow the alcohol to flush out of your system more quickly.

3. Take long, hot baths. As long as you do not get dehydrated, you may take baths as often as desired. If you feel flushed, dizzy or confused, emerge from the bathwater immediately and rehydrate.

4. Eat a diet including bananas, green leafy vegetables and oranges. These foods will help hydrate your body and replenish it with potassium, which is often lost when the body is shedding liquids and sweating.

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5. Exercise. Even if it’s only a short walk, you should exercise and raise your heart rate as much as is comfortable. Not only does exercise decrease symptoms of depression, it will flush the alcohol out of your system.