Abscess Tooth Home Remedy

A tooth abscess is a bacterial infection in the center of the tooth, or the root of the tooth. The symptoms are extreme pain, redness and swelling of the gums. In severe cases, the abscess may result in a boil on the gum. An abscessed tooth is a sign of decay, and should be treated by a dentist. However, if you cannot get to a dentist, there are treatments you can use to treat the abscess at home.

Control the Infection

Rinse out your mouth. Combine a mixture of one part water, as hot as you can bear, and two parts salt for a somewhat saturated mixture. Rinse your mouth with this mixture every half hour. The salt will help to draw out any pus and relieve pressure on the tooth. It will also kill some of the bacteria.

Control the Swelling

Take an aspirin to reduce the swelling. Biting on a baby aspirin, or letting one melt sublingually will get the medication into your system to provide fast relief.

Control the Pain

Rub anise oil directly onto the gums. Anise has antiseptic as well as analgesic properties.

Get Rid of the Boil

Sterilize a straight pin by holding it over a flame for 20 seconds. Immediately poke the boil, and squeeze out the pus. Rinse your mouth with peroxide as soon as you are done.

Boost Your Immune System

Increase your vitamin C intake through vitamins, get at least eight hours of sleep per night and eat a balanced diet. This will help your body fight infection.

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