About Homeopathic Body Detox

About Homeopathic Body Detox

Eating organic, drinking bottled water and managing stress are often considered a must for healthy living, but these steps are sometimes not enough to address external toxins bombarding your body. A homeopathic detox can help you feel better and maintain health.

Toxins Affect the Immune System

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a clean world with ubiquitous natural products, clean air and pure food. Almost every substance we come in contact with or put into our bodes, including the air you breathe, is tainted with microbes, additives and pollutants that our bodes do not need. There are toxic heavy metals in the water you bath in and drink and even in some bottled waters. Additionally, modern life is fast-paced and stressful and leaves little time for real rest and relaxation. Your body‘s immune system is in a constant battle against toxins and stress. This battle can leave your immune system weak, which may leave you increasing unwell.

Signs of Toxicity

There are many modern ailments and conditions that appear to have no direct or discernible causes. Chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, depression, unexplained weight gain or weight loss and even some cancers can be the result of the immune system’s poor function. Additionally, these symptoms and others such as frequent colds, skin irritations and low energy may be symptoms of toxicity because toxins accumulate into the blood and organs, causing stress on the immune system.

The buildup of toxins continue to erode the immune system over time if the body does not eliminate them, leading to various illnesses and adverse health conditions.

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How Homeopathic Remedies Work

The benefit of detoxification using homeopathic medicine, also known as homeopathic drainage, is that the remedies trigger your body’s natural excretory processes. This means that the body is detoxifying itself in a natural, optimal way through the excretory organs: the skin, liver, lungs, lymph nodes, pancreas, kidneys, intestines and genitals.

When properly prescribed, the medicines are not harsh or dangerous and will support the body in finding its natural balance without side effects. This means the detoxification can be done as a health tune-up on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body and optimal immune system function.

A classic homeopathic approach involves selecting a single remedy based on your overall constitution. This is also referred to as your constitutional remedy. These remedies can cause a “healing crisis,” which means there may be an interval of getting worse before getting better. To properly avoid this, the complex approach is necessary, that is, selecting a mix of remedies to balance out your body’s response.

If you are in very poor health–at point where your immune system is very depressed due to a high level of toxicity–you should seek professional homeopathic advice. This is because a detox reaction can occur.


Homeopathic remedies for body detoxification improve blood circulation, support healthy weight management, promote healthy energy levels, promote healthy skin, support healthy liver functioning and above all support healthy immune system resulting into fewer illnesses.

There are homeopathic detox kits and formulated combinations of homeopathic remedies available to you in retail outlets and online. The remedies contained in each product vary depending on the brand. Below are some of the component remedies commonly used in detox treatments.

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Alfacfa is highly nutritious detoxifier.

Berberis is a detoxifying liver tonic and acts upon the venous (relating to the veins), kidney and liver systems.

Capsicum is a stimulant and tonic for those in a weakened state. It is also anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antibacterial.

Carduus is helpful in repairing liver damage due to alcohol.

Galium aparine is an excellent lymphatic cleanser while also helping the liver, intestines and skin.

Hepar sulph helps with all glandular swellings, lymph congestion and mucous membranes.

Iris is often used in detoxification treatments.

Lactic acid assists in mobilization and excretion of excess lactic acid.

Lobelia helps the lungs and respiratory pathways; it is an expectorant, lymphatic cleanser and diuretic.

Mag phos helps with exhaustion and mental fatigue with depressed mental state.

Nux vomica helps people who have overindulged (overeating, alcohol consumption, etc.) whereby the liver and digestive systems have been affected

Sarsparilla is an antioxidant that stimulates kidney and liver functions.

Taraxacum has been, for ages, the backbone of detox herbs; it is known to effectively remove toxins from every cell in the body. It assists the liver in detoxification and is used in hepatic (relating to the liver) and biliary (relating to bile) stasis.

Tylophora stimulates the adrenal cortex, affects the lymphatic and immune system and helps lungs.

Uva Ursi 2X acts as a diuretic in the kidneys and is known to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.


Consult a homeopathic physician if you are detoxifying to treat any serious or chronic illness. Confirm that body detoxification will address your particular illness and ensure that no other treatment or remedies are warranted for your condition.

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Do not worry about adverse side effects from homeopathic medicine if you are generally in good health. Detoxification can be a great way to keep you fit and feeling great.

Incorporate these tips into your health regimen in addition to homeopathic remedies for faster results and overall health:

Drink plenty of water (3-4 liters) to allow the kidneys to efficiently perform their natural filtration function.

Eat fruits, vegetables and fiber rich food. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, and fiber is cleansing.

Use organic foods if possible. This will reduce the amount of food based toxins that you introduce into your body.

Exercise regularly. Increased respiration and sweat during exercise excretes toxins through the lungs and skin.

Avoid alcohol, coffee, smoking, refined sugars and saturated fat in order to reduce toxin and lessen the work of organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs.

Find natural alternatives to daily household chemicals to minimize the amount of daily toxins to which your body is exposed.

Minimize stress to aid the immune system in its natural function.