A Holistic Approach To Counseling In Family Planning

The holistic approach to family planning can encourage you to think outside the box.

A holistic approach to counseling in family planning encourages patients to manage their sexual and reproductive health in a natural, independent and beneficial way. Holistic approaches to counseling in family planning offer women alternatives to harsh drugs, machines and surgery, and teach women fertility awareness. Both men and women–as well as couples–can benefit from a holistic approach to counseling when it comes to accepting themselves as sexual beings.

Reproductive Education

A holistic approach to counseling when it comes to family planning gives women the education and tools to make and follow through with any choices made regarding reproduction. Counselors help women learn observe, chart and understand all signals concerning their sexual reproductive health. This becomes the woman’s foundation when it comes to making any kind of sexual or reproductive decisions.

Menstrual Cycle Variations

Holistic family planning counselors can help women identify and deal with an extensive range of cycle variations as well as sexual and reproductive health issues. Women learn gauge what is normal and what is not when it comes to their menstrual cycle. Counselors can alert the woman to holistic reproductive options as opposed to prescribed drugs, surgical techniques and synthetic hormones. Any menstrual cycle and/or reproductive issues are talked about and are treated naturally with some alterations in diet and/or the use of holistic, naturopathic or homeopathic treatments.

Fertility Awareness

A woman’s fertility constantly changes throughout her lifetime; counselors, using a holistic approach, can help women understand these changes and aid in addressing them naturally. The fertility awareness method (FAM) has been used for over 30 years as a natural method of birth control, according to Holistichealthlibrary.com. It is completely based on charting and can show the woman when she is the most fertile, when ovulation is going to occur and if she is pregnant. It can be used to avoid pregnancy and as a method for trying to conceive. Some of the elements of FAM include cervical mucus monitoring, basil body temperature, cervical observation and charting.

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Sexuality Awareness

Acceptance and love of your body is a holistic approach to your own sexuality.

A holistic approach to sexuality emphasizes the connection between two people so that sex is not limited to just reproduction and gratification. Tantra yoga is a good example of this belief. Tantra yoga focuses on acceptance of oneself–which includes sexuality. Tantric sex, as explained in the book “The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide To Love and SexualFulfillment,” is a special chance to return to our nature as men and women and to “find the spiritual language of love through the physical act of making love.” Holistic counselors can help couples accept their own bodies as well as their partner’s as being divine, which not only can greatly improve your sex life, but can strengthen your relationship, improve your immune system and help with depression.

Holistic and Conscious Conception

A final note on holistic approaches to counseling in regards to family planning is the idea that women should wait until they find a man they love before conceiving a child. This notion is, on a spiritual level, a beautiful way to know that your child was conceived in love and was wanted in the world. According to Carolyn Chambers Clark, RN, EdD, forcing a woman to give birth to and raise a child she does not want is an act of violence and it forces a child to exist in a hostile body, which can have a negative effect on the baby.