A Holistic Approach For Helping Dogs With Kidney Failure

Kidney disease typically affects older dogs.

Chronic kidney failure can be devastating news for any dog owner. Conventional treatment typically consists of subcutaneous fluid therapy, however, many holistic and natural treatments may aid in treating canine kidney disease.

Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a very common illness in older dogs. It is slow progressing and may go unnoticed until a considerable amount of kidney function is lost.

The kidneys work to filter and excrete toxins from the body through urine. One of the first symptoms of kidney failure is excessive thirst and increased urination. When the kidneys are damaged, the body will use more water, resulting in the excess thirst. As the disease progresses, the dog may exhibit other symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, weight loss and a decrease in appetite, according to healthypetjournal.com.


Many studies show that limiting protein intake can help slow the progression of kidney failure. When restricting proteins you risk malnutrition. Protein should be limited, but not completely excluded from the dog’s diet. The dog’s nutrition and body weight should be monitored to ensure that they remain stable. Proteins should be limited to high-quality proteins instead of low-quality proteins.

The diet should also limit salt intake, as hypertension can damage the kidneys, according to alternativepethealth.com.

Many owners prefer to feed their dog raw diets instead of commercial diets to avoid added preservatives.

There are commerical dog foods made specifically for dogs suffering from kidney failure.


Some supplements may be given to aid in a dog’s kidney failure. Vitamins B and C are eliminated from the body due to frequent urination. Supplementing these vitamins is important for your dog’s health, according to natural-dog-health-remedies.com.

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Studies have shown that dogs who were given Omega 3 fatty acid supplements typically live longer than dogs that are not given the supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids are not a cure for kidney failure, however, when given along with vitamin E, they may be able to improve the overall health of the dog.


Herbs such as gingko and alfalfa can improve blood circulation, along with anti-inflammatory properties. Gingko can help with inflammation in the urinary tract.

A tea can be given to the dog consisting of equal parts alfalfa, hawthorn, echinacea (if there is an infection in the body) and gingko during the early stages of the kidney disease. Give 1 teaspoon of tea for every 20 pounds of the dog’s weight. This tea can be added to the dog’s food or water one to three times a day.


A few homeopathic remedies may be administered to a dog suffering from chronic kidney failure.

Phosphorus can help dogs that vomit after drinking or eating and are suffering from weight loss.

Mercurius is helpful for dogs suffering from ulcers in the mouth, typically seen in the final stages of kidney failure. These dogs will typically suffer from irritability and bad breath and will want to be left alone.

When using homeopathic remedies, natural-dog-health-remedies.com recommends that you work with a holistic veterinarian to ensure that your dog is receiving the most suitable remedy for its specific symptoms due to their kidney failure.