75 Designer-Approved Christmas Décor Ideas to Try This Holiday Season

Decorating for Christmas is no easy feat. Sure, you could snag a single Christmas tree and throw some ornaments on it. But many of us have loftier ambitions for our Christmas décor. We don’t want our homes to meet the bare-minimum standard for the holiday season. We want them to be thoroughly decked out with Christmas cheer—and ideally, we want them to look good, too. 

The problem, of course, is that Christmas décor ideas abound. But in an effort to make your entire holiday journey a little easier to deal with, we talked to a bunch of interior designers and asked them to share some of their favorite Christmas decorating ideas with us. Scroll down, and you’ll find loads of curated holiday decorating advice—straight from people who decorate homes for a living. 

With their responses, these designers covered the gamut of holiday décor. Whether you’re planning to buy new decor, spruce up old favorites, or DIY some handmade stuff, you’re bound to find some advice worth heeding.

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