51 Standout Backsplash Ideas Perfect for Any Kitchen

When designing (or redesigning) a kitchen, you really have three elements to play with: your cabinets, your countertops, and your backsplash. More often than not, your cabinets and countertops will get most of the attention, and this makes sense. After all, they’re the largest and most functional elements in your space. But, since your backsplash is that final piece that’ll bring your space together, it deserves a fair amount of care and attention, too.

If you’ve never heard the phrase “kitchen backsplash” before, rest assured knowing the concept isn’t that complicated. A kitchen backsplash is an easy-to-clean surface that sits behind your sink and/or your stove to protect your walls from splashes. It can be crafted from a range of different materials, though it’s typically lined with tiles or marble. Just like your countertops and cabinets, it can add a dose of statement-making style to your space. 

Your backsplash can serve as a pop of color, print, or texture, or it can simply help you unite the other aesthetic elements in your space. In short, kitchen backsplash ideas abound—and we’ve rounded up 51 worth adding to your library of interior design inspo below.

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