35 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Cozy Scandinavian Getaway

Striking the right balance between comfort and style is a challenge in any home. But it’s a task that Scandinavia knows how to tackle. Scandinavia—a region known for its long, dark winters—has mastered the art of spending time indoors, and it’s got the cozy-chic interiors to prove it. Scandinavian words, like the Danish “hygge” and the Swedish “mys” (both loosely meaning “coziness”), have entered our modern-day lexicon. And while they don’t have direct translations, they immediately conjure up images of impossibly simple, impossibly cozy interiors that just work.

“Scandinavian design is simple and intentional,” Jennifer Davis, founder and principal designer at Davis Interiors, says. “Everything has a purpose, and overall, it is a very clean look.” Expect to see soft neutral colors, natural materials, and lots of cozy textures.

“The next time you see an interior that elevates your soul and warms your heart, you’ll know you’ve spotted the hallmarks of what makes Nordic design so enticing,” Emily Yeates, owner and principal designer at Urban Revival, says. “Scandinavian design excites the eyes and warms the heart while maintaining an uncluttered simplicity that feels welcoming and safe.”

Since Scandinavian style is both simple and thoughtful, it’s not nearly as elusive as it seems, and there are tons of ways to draw inspiration from the design style—even if you’re not preparing for a long, dark winter.

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