20 Houseplants That Are Unique Additions to Your Collection

Polka Dot Begonia hulii / Getty Images Botanical Name: Begonia maculataSun Exposure: Medium to bright, indirect sunSoil Type: Well-draining soilSoil pH: 6.0 to 7.0 The polka dot begonia, sometimes called an angel wing begonia, is just as low maintenance as it is whimsical. As long as you put it in medium or bright indirect sun, maintain its moisture, [...]

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How One Designer Turned a Dark Kitchen Into Modern Space Flooded With Color

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17 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas You Can Easily Recreate

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Kitchen Trends 2023: The innovations in colors, materials, cabinets and accessories

Handleless fronts in a minimalist style or open wooden shelves and copper accents for a modern country house charm: the kitchen trends 2023 are more diverse than ever before. [...]

What Is Jacquard Fabric? This Style’s Made a Comeback

The word "jacquard" sure sounds luxurious, but what does this term even mean? Thrown around in fashion and home décor, this fabric style has been around since the early [...]

Bathroom Decor Ideas 2023 – Top latest trends

It is difficult to talk about trends in bathroom design for 2023, as they suggest an abundance of opportunities, tips, products, unique proposals. That is why we decided to [...]

Lighten Up—Here’s How to Choose the Right Lightbulbs for Your Space

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20 Designer-Approved Ways to Decorate With Burnt Sienna

Warm, earthy, and rich, burnt sienna is the kind of color that immediately imparts a sense of coziness in a space. The reddish-brown, toasted hue is orange's toned-down cousin [...]

How to Properly Wash Your Bed Pillows in Just a Few Steps

Once you’ve stripped your bed, washed your sheets, and primped your pillowcases, you may think you’ve fulfilled your bed-cleaning duties. But your work isn’t truly done [...]